There are a couple of easy ways to find a font that you are looking for.

1. Use a font indentification service (Try both, they offer different results):

2. Post a picture of the font on NameThatFont’s new Q&A site

Let us try to figure out what the font is by posting it on our easy font Q&A site Click here to go to our new font Q&A.

3. Use the Identifont font service:

The Indentifont service asks you several questions about the font in question and aims to find the font in this way.

Click here to go to “Indentifont” font finding service.

4. Use google and search . You would be surprised with what you can find by doing this.

5. Post a question on Yahoo Answers

Click here to go to “Yahoo Answers”

6. Try to find a PDF document that has the font in it and get the font information from the PDF.

This has proven well for me in several instances where none of the above techniques worked. Follow these steps to indentify fonts used in a PDF document.

  • Find a PDF by searching related keywords with “pdf” in Google
  • Download the pdf file to your desktop or a folder on your hard drive
  • Open the PDF in Adobe Reader
  • Go to [File -> Properties] in the top menu
  • Click on the “Fonts” tab (This will list all of the fonts used in the document)