Canon Logo Font

What is the Canon logo font?

The Canon corporate font was created for Canon by designer Fred Smeijers. The name of the font is Denda New.

The Canon logo font was created by Gio Fuga and was created for Canon.

You can get the corporate font for free from Canon, but getting the logo font is a different story:

Logo Font can be downloaded here Canon logo font

Corporate text fontĀ 

Denda New
(Link to font no longer exists, if you know where to get this font please comment below.)

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7 Comments on Canon Logo Font

  1. Shageesh

    Sir, Please send me canon logo font.

  2. Zach Zurn

    The Cannon Logo font is unavailable at this time, but this is the Cannon corporate body font:

    You can try to get the Cannon logo font from : which I am in the process of doing and will post it if I get it.

    Keep in mind that the use of fonts without approval can lead to legal action, so be careful.

  3. Denda is actually their corporate typeface and is not the font used for the main logo as shown.

    You can still download the Denda Typeface from Canon Norway.

  4. Zach Zurn

    Good point. I will update my post.

  5. Sally Grant

    I wonder how one can write continuously “cannon” with double-n while the wonderful “Canon” logo is on the left.

    Curious Sally

  6. Zach Zurn

    Thanks!! I have fixed this.

  7. you can find it from here

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