Hello, my name is Zach Zurn. I have been a working designer, typographer and web programmer for over 5 years.

I created this website as an easy way to identify font faces for various logos and advertisements. I will be attempting to put as many logos on this site as I can.

These are the areas of designs I will be attempting to gather font information on:

  • General logos
  • Movie posters and cover fonts
  • Book cover fonts
  • Genre related fonts (Western, Techno, etc)

This website is a compilation of related information made simple and stripped of too much extra information. Do feel free to comment of you feel you have something to say or if you think a piece of information I have given should be modified.


Name That Font editor: Zach Zurn

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  1. Scott S. di Vincenzo

    NIKON / OLYMPUS fonts ?

  2. Cullen D.

    This site is awesome. I’m a big fan of typography and really enjoy seeing different fonts for different products ect. This makes it so much easier to learn what they are.

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